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Hi, I'm Jessie, currently 23 years old an living in Luxembourg! After graduating from high school in Luxembourg with a degree in Fine Arts, I started my photography studies at the Fotoakademie-Koeln in 2018 and successfully graduated in 2021 and have been working since then as a freelance photographer.


Besides my work as a photographer, I also work as a photo assistant and retouch artist for other photographers!

Additionally, I'm a member of the artist association ARC Kënschtlerkrees and thus regularly take part in various art exhibitions.


My photographic focus is primarily on advertising/ commercial photography. This includes, for example, the visual appearance of a company, i.e. photographs of the employees on site, their premises, as well as the product and architectural photography that often goes with it.  


In addition to the more classic-commercial assignments, however, I also focus on artistic projects in the illustrative field. Constructing and showing surreal worlds with the help of special lighting and unique composings is a characteristic of my photographic style, which I like to use in art photography but also for some special advertising jobs.

Broncolor_Jessie Lang
Retouching Luxembourg Bildbearbeitung


In addition to my work as a photographer, I am also working as a retouch artist for other photographers.


In 2022, the retouch artist Jan Wischermann, based in Düsseldorf, took me into his team.


Since then, I have regularly supported him in his High-End Beauty/Hair, Fashion & Commercial projects.


Through our close collaboration and the resulting experience, I can also enhance and professionally edit my own photographs in post-production.


In October 2022, I was in the studio with Jean-Claude Majerus at Radio 100,7 for an interview!

Together we talked about my student days, my life as a photographer and various photo jobs and photo courses.

How I became into photography and what still excites me about this job can all be heard in this 1-hour interview! Just click on the button below to go to the website of Radio 100,7 and discover the whole interview as well as a short article with some excerpts of my answers:

Radio 100,7_SW.jpg
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