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from 50€*

Private photography course with individual content

- The voucher is perfect as a personal gift


- Learn exactly what you want to know, adapted to your personal level of difficulty and learn how to set up your own camera correctly with me.


- *price depending on course duration. The details of the different prices can be found here below.

Interested in this voucher? Then simply click on "ORDER VOUCHER" and write me an email with your choice or a question. 


Preise und Formate

- 1h course:                                                50€
- 1-day workshop of 4h:                         175€

- 2-day workshop of 4h each:                300€


The content of this course is always created individually and adapted exactly to your wishes. This course is mostly intended for beginners who want to learn the basics of photography (both creative and/or technical). For example: You have bought a new camera and want to know how to operate and adjust it correctly.
But even if you don't own a camera yet but want to test whether you enjoy photography, that's no problem! I can lend you a camera during our course and you can work and experiment with it first. Normally, at the beginning of our workshop I briefly explain the theory and function of the camera (adapted to your level of difficulty) and then go out photographing with you to try out what you have learned in practice.

The voucher is perfect as a gift! When buying this voucher, you don't have to specify a theme, only the value of the voucher. I will plan everything else with the participant later after receiving their gift. The voucher is printed as a small card and personalised by putting a name on it. Shipping within Luxembourg is included in the price.
The courses are available in Luxemburgish as well as in German. The voucher is valid for one year.


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