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from 300€*

Portrait shooting in the studio or on location

- The voucher is perfect as a personal gift


- Give away a very special moment and memory: A photo shooting of your choice with several professionally edited pictures.


- *price depending on the shooting. The details of the different prices can be found here below.

Interested in this voucher? Then simply click on "ORDER VOUCHER" and write me an email with your choice or a question. 


Preise und Formate

- Studio #1
(7 pictures, ±60min):                          300€
Studio #2
(15 pictures, ±60-90min):                  400€

- On Location #1
(7 pictures, ±60-90min):                    300€
On Location #2
(15 pictures, ±90-120min):                400€



The voucher is perfect as a gift! When buying this voucher, you don't have to specify any clear ideas about the shooting, only the value of the voucher. I will plan everything else with the model later after receiving their gift. The voucher is printed as a small card and personalized by putting a name on it. Shipping within Luxembourg is included in the price. The voucher is valid for one year.

More detailed information about the different portrait packages can be found here in the description or summarized in the picture gallery as an overview:

During our shooting we will take many different photos together. After the shooting I will select the best pictures and put them into a password-protected online gallery. Now you can decide for yourself which photos you would like me to edit; choose your favorite photos yourself, perhaps ask your friends or family which images are their favorites, and let me know your selection simply by marking them in the online gallery. As soon as you have made your final selection, I will work on the selected images and send them to you via link in the highest resolution.

Possible additional costs:
If you would like more than the photos included in your voucher you are welcome to order them for an additional 20€/ professionally edited photo! Each variation of the same photo in a different look, such as black and white, costs an additional 5€/ photo. For the "On Location“ shoots I have to charge additional 0,30€/km further than a radius of 30km around Belvaux.

The difference between the Studio and the On Location packages:
Price-wise, both types of shoots are the same. With the studio package, all photos are taken in a photo studio. The photos are therefore taken in a rather classic way, with a fairly neutral background and little decoration. For photos with more surroundings, the On Location packages are perfect: In this shooting we decide together the location that you wish for your portraits, this can be for example in the city, in a park or even at your home if you have enough space. Example: You are an artist and want to shoot portraits in your own studio/ working space. Thanks to my mobile studio equipment, I can shoot anywhere and without electricity using professional studio flashes. Only the shooting duration can be a bit longer with the On Location packages, because we first have to find the right angle/spot and lighting for the environment and probably move around a bit more than in a fixed studio set.

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