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from 450€*

High-quality FineArt-Print in various sizes.

- This motif is limited to 6 copies + 2 A.P.


- The picture is from my diploma series "Memories" and was exhibited in 2022 during the KONSTfestival in Lellingen (Luxembourg).


- *depending on size. Details about the different formats and prices can be found here below.

Interested in this print? Then simply click on "ORDER PRINT" and write me an email with your desired format or a question. 


Preise und Formate

- 24 x 30 cm:                 450€
- 30 x 40 cm:                 500€

- 40 x 50 cm:                 550€
- 50 x 70 cm:                 600€



The original aspect ratio of this photo without passepartout is a 2:3 format. To make it easy for you to find a photo frame, I always offer all prints with a passe-partout in the formats listed above. If nevertheless you would like to have the photo without a passe-partout, that is no problem. I recommend that you look for a frame beforehand, as experience has shown that 2:3 photo frames are quite difficult to find. This print does not include a photo frame, but this can be ordered and organised by me. (The preview pictures in the gallery above are only examples, the size of the passepartout can change a bit depending on the format, but I can gladly send you an exact simulation once you have decided on a motif).The print will be numbered and signed on the back.

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